YAA Member Organisations

Vijana Umoja Pamoja Foundation


Vijana Umoja Pamoja Association (V.U.P.A) was first registered as a society in the year 2010. It was later rebranded to Vijana Umoja Pamoja Foundation (V.U.P.F) in February 2012 to be come a fully autonomous youth led, non-profit and non-political Kenyan NGO. VUPF’s mission is to enable young people in particular and communities in Kenya to advance a just social order that guarantees equal opportunities and access to justice by all whilst its vision is to promote responsible and empowered citizens with capabilities of initiating positive change.


P.O.Box 5784-30100 Eldoret, Kenya

+254-053 2032080

Isiolo Social and Accountability Group – ISAG


Isiolo Social and Accountability Group (I.S.A.G) is a community based initiative, registered under the Ministry of Sports and Gender. ISAG has a vision of informed community, engaged citizens and its committed to the creation of more just and equitable Isiolo county. This is based on the belief that the health of societies exists in direct proportion to the degree of balance between the state, the private sector and civil society.



Taita Resource Center


Taita Resource Center is a non profit Community based organization in mwatate constituency, Taita Taveta County. The organization works in mobilizing and organizing citizens at their neighbourhoods, villages and location in actively participating in addressing socio-economic and political affairs for the realization of social economic development and transformative change. They lobby and advocate for citizen inclusion and participation on human rights, governance, leadership and constitutionalism.


P.O.Box 44-80305 Mwatate

0728355531 or 0734554430

Youth For Sustainable Development

yusud Logo

Youths For Sustainable Development (YUSUD) was founded in the year 2008, and was dully registered as a Community Based Civil Society Organisation in 2010 to work with the young people and the Local Communities in Promoting wholesome and Sustainable Development at Community Level. YUSUD creates a forum through which the young people and Local Communities can articulate their issues and work together for their holistic development as they prepare to become honest and responsible leaders and agents of positive change in the Society.


P.O.Box 7931-40100 Kisumu, Kenya

0721295974 or 0789225427

Youth United


Youths United is a youth led network of both individual and different youth organizations championing youth issues/challenges and getting long term solutions. They focus on Leadership, Democracy, Human Rights, Youth Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Capacity Building and Skills Development.


P.O.Box 2208-90100 Machakos, Kenya

0721280573 or 0739627767

Mombasa Youth Muslim Alliance


The Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance (KMYA) is an independent national youth network founded in November 2013 to empower young Muslims through constructive engagement and encourage participation in nurturing democratic, healthy and a just society for all. KMYA accomplishes its goals through capacity building, networking, dialogue, research, health related programs, advocacy and information dissemination.

info@kenyamuslims.org or info@kmya.org

P.O.Box 27592-00100 Nairobi, Kenya.


Kwale Youth and Governance Consortium


The Kwale Youth and Governance Council is a non-govermental organization incepted in the year 2010 as a result of the need to have an umbrella organization which brought together youth councils from the three districts of Kwale county. The ground of the organization is the true belief that youth and the community at large naturally have the right to participate in the decisions that affect their life. Thus ,making the youth become stronger, their relations become better and gain the power to improve their life together.


0728483637 or 0722221533

Kericho Youth Center


Kericho Youth Centre (KYC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Kericho District, South Rift Valley province of Kenya. KYC implements HIV/AIDS Prevention, Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, peace building, and economic strengthening programmes targeting the young people. KYC begun as a Focused Group Discussion group (FGD) in 2005 and was later registered in 2007 as an NGO. Its membership is open to all the youth aged between 15-35 years and community based youth groups.KYC was formed with a principle to provide Youth friendly HIV/AIDS prevention services.


0720925236 or 0202027495

Eshinamwenyuli Youth Group (E.Y.G)


EYG is a civil society group registered on 3/12/1996 with the Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services. The group is non-sectorial and non-profit making. They work with the community of Kakamega County through bringing people together to equitably share knowledge, skills, creativity and other reasources for a dignified life.



Emerging Leaders Foundation


Emerging Leaders Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 and registered in 2012 with the sole aim of growing the next generation of leaders through mentorship, leadership, training and exchange programs. They seek to cultivate, nurture and grow leadership values, skills, practices and vision in emerging leaders in Kenya and in Africa in order to spur positive social, economic and political transformation in Society.


P.O.Box 29308 GPO Nairobi, Kenya.


Center For Transformational Leadership.


Center for Transformational Leadership is a legally local NGO founded in 2008 and whose work focuses on building youth leadership and governance capabilities. Since its inception, CTL has cumulatively strengthened leadership capacity of over 2000 youths in the Rift Valley and other areas. CTL envisions a transformed society upholding the values of good governance.


P.O.Box 15206-20100 Nakuru, Kenya.

+254727920220 or +254786988484

Benane Youth Development Action Group


Benane Youth Development Action Group is registered with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development.The organization was formed to address problems and challenges that face young people.


0722829320 or 0731814028