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Youth Publication by Youth Agenda

  1. Dira Yetu – Youth Priority Areas for the Medium Term Plan 2013-2017
  2. Youth Problems…Youth Solutions 2013 – 2017 Priorities
  3. Public Integrity HandbookIn The Context Of Devolved Government
  4. Young Women in Politics : Experiences of 2013 General Election
  5. Fact Sheet on Youth Preparedness in Kenya’s Electoral Process
  6. Husika – Youth Action Guide on Political Participation
  7. Jiamini Jihusishe: Fact Sheet on Young Women in politics
  8. The Youth Agenda Strategic Plan 2011 -2015
  9. A Youth Fact Sheet on Vision 2030.
  10. An Analysis of Kenya’s Political Party Nomination Rules
  11. Status of Young Women in Political Parties in Kenya 2012
  12. Who is Guilty? Youth Perspectives on the 2007 Pre-Polls Electoral Violence in Kenya
  13. The Youth Anti- Corruption Toolkit
  14. The Youth Anti-Corruption Agenda
  15. Youth Situation Analysis 2014
  16. Nairobi County Youth Plan
  17. Celebrating Our Diversity
  18. Kenya Legal Framework on Corruption and their Reflection of Youth Values
  19. Leadership Vetting Criteria
  20. Student Speak
  21. We Dared to Dream:A Reflection of the Youth Agenda
  22. What is YAA Info Pack on the Consitution?It was a youth factsheet on 2010 Constitiution
  23. The Unemployment Problem:An Assessment of Kenya’s Government Performance in Addressing the Challenge.
  24. Recreating Our Republic
  25. Gold Initiatives Awards:Stories of Distinguished Leaders 18-35 years and above 35
  26. Youth Participation in Political Parties
  27. Youth in leadership-Audit of Youth Representation in Public Services,NGOs,Religious and Private Sector Organisations
  28. Kenya Vision 2030 A Critical Review by Kenyan Youth

  29. Kenya Night Market Info Kit

Other Publications

  1. Youth Enterprise Development Fund Supplement

  2. Memorandum To The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission. (Youth Committee On Elections)


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