Sadique Shaban - Youth Agenda
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Sadique Shaban

Sadique Shaban


Sadique Shaban is a respectable media name. He is a senior sports anchor and senior Swahili anchor with KTN since 2005 to date. He has made a brand of himself by the quality of work in the media industry.

He is a diverse soul with leadership, visionary training and advisory experience at I Choose Life Africa where he was not only a Programs Trainer but a Residential advisor too.

He was also the Executive Secretary at Kenyatta University Travelling Theatre and a volunteer social worker at World Vision.

He is a member of both the Kenya Sports Journalists Association and the International Sports Press Association. He is an affiliate member of the Kenya Union of Journalists.
Mr. Sadique believes in knowledge generation and dissemination for the betterment of humanity’s quality of life.