Balqesa Abdi

Balqesa Abdi


Balqesa Abdi is a Young Peace Ambassador, youth and women empowerment activist and a journalist currently working in broadcast media, she holds a Master of Arts in International Studies from University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Science in Information Science from Moi University, Post graduate diploma in project management from Kenya institute of management and currently a student at institute of Diplomacy and international studies pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy in International studies. Besides working in the media, Balqesa has worked as a young person, with many other international organizations including, UN HABITAT information management Unit, US centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) on the Global Aids program, Refugee health program, International Organization for migration (IOM) as a research assistant for youth women and livelihood program. .

Balqesa is one of the pioneers of Eastern Africa Youth Forum which was initiated in Kenya in the year 2011 and currently held annually across Eastern Africa. She closely works with youth across the region to create a platform to discuss matters affecting the youth in the region.

Balqesa got opportunities to attended several leadership, youth empowerment and peacebuilding international conferences in various countries including Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan, India, Dubai, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland and has a strong global youth network.

Balqesa’s current efforts to ensure that the youth in Kenya are involved in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) process include planned awareness raising, Workshops to sensitize the citizenry, especially youth and women, as well as the Leadership in Northern Kenya and regions neighboring Somalia. She is a mentor and has a lot of passion for speaking to the young ones in schools and the youth as well as women to foster change, peace and integration. Balqesa took the initiative to bring Muslims and Christians together to create a platform for inter faith dialogue so as to discuss how challenges and perceptions can be addressed to promote peace and coexistence among Kenyans from different faith. She is a mentee of the late icon of change maker, Mahatma Gandhi’s Grandson Rajmohan Gandhi She has spearheaded many campaigns on the fight against FGM as well as gender based violence.

The road to success is infinite, you don’t rest because you have achieved, you get motivated to travel even further. ~Balqesa Abdi