Abraham Rugo - Youth Agenda
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Abraham Rugo

Abraham Rugo


Mr. Abraham Rugo Muriu is a young Kenyan and has a passion for holistic development. He is an advocate of personal responsibility in the transformation of our society. He has worked at the Institute of Economic Affairs since 2007 where he has done policy research and analysis with a special focus on decentralisation, development planning and youth development in Kenya.

He is currently the Futures Program Officer. He is a graduate of University of Postdam, Germany with a Master of Public Education (science).

Before joining IEA-Kenya, he worked at Focus Kenya where he was involved in policy advocacy and empowering graduates and university student to participate in socio-political action. He has been a key supporter of the work of the Youth Agenda both as a consultant and participant in its programs. Particularly as a faculty member of the Political Leadership Development Program (PLDP), Speaker of the National Youth Convention IV, the consultant on youth engagement in the Kenya Vision 2030. He remains interested in youth development, effective development planning and citizen participation. His pet passion is devolution of government and its impact on service delivery. He believes that every person in Kenya has what it takes to reach their highest potential and that what is needed is an enabling environment.

He encourages others to do their part while seeking to be a model of the change he aspires to see.