About Us

Who We Are

Youth Agenda is a youth led, youth serving organization founded in 1996, sparked by evidence exclusion of youth in spheres of life and fueled by a passion for the ‘total’ youth.


To provide a platform to harness and nurture young people through informed, innovative and value driven approaches for personal, community and national development

Core Values

The Values and Principles that governs all aspects of Youth Agenda’s work and to which all its staff, members and organs abide and are guided.


A just, equitable and progressive society in which young people fully enjoy social, economic and political rights.

How We Do It

  • To promote responsive and accountable governments and private sectors to youth agendas
  • To generate and share youth related information
  • To hook up youth to social and economic opportunities

Why We Operate

  • Conduct social audit as a social accountability mechanism that enable us identify gaps between desired and actual impact of youth development projects.
  • Facilitate youth, national, county government & private sector engagements on participatory development of youth policies, plans, budgets
  • We generate and disseminate youth focused information
  • Provide youth employment and entrepreneurship support system
  • Create youth learning & mentorship platforms