Terms of Reference-Citizen WatchDog Platform

Terms of Reference-Citizen WatchDog Platform

In a bid to gather the voices and thoughts of young people YAA seeks to develop an Online Citizen Watchdog platform through which the youth will not only raise complaints on what is going wrong in their counties but also provide an opportunity to engage them on what they think ought to be done about it and how the county ought to go about it. This will provide an opportunity for young people to not just vent out their frustrations but be part of the solutions. The platform will take an informative and discussion forum approach through which we can all be part of addressing a challenge from a different county every fortnight.


It is on this regard that Youth Agenda seeks to engage an expert to develop Online Citizen Watchdog platform linked to Youth Agenda website.

Terms of Reference:

For more information on the opportunity, click on the link to download the full advert.


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