Youth Petition to the President on Public Service Appointments

Youth Petition to the President on Public Service Appointments

Youth Affiliate organizations, Youths in political parties and Kenya Young Parliamentary Association representing youth and Citizens of Kenya, on 18th April 2018 presented a petition to the president through the Cabinet Secretary of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs, Prof. Margaret Kobia on rights of youth in accordance with article 55 of the Constitution and Jubilee Government Party Manifesto.

The Petitioners noted that despite increased youth consciousness through participation in critical governance processes, enhanced visibility of young people occupying leadership positions in various sectors is still missing.

They further noted that affirmative action in the context of the constitution has been applied to it in the design and implementation of Government Programmes. However, more needs to be done to open spaces in public service appointments for young people as defined by the Constitution in article 260.

The Petitioners made the Following Prayers:

  1. The President should honor the faith and support, he enjoys among the youth by making sure that they are included in public service appointments and takes measure to verify the individuals appointed in pursuit of youth inclusion are actually youth in accordance to the constitution definition in Article 260.
  2. The Leadership of the His Excellency the president on this matter will trigger better treatment of youth by other duty bearers and lead to more inclusion of them at county level
  3. The Presidency should expand youth participation and inclusion by ensuring that the 30% threshold promised before elections is upheld in the remaining appointments without compromising the expertise required.
  4. The President should Promote effort to entrench 30% youth representation in appointments in law through Executive order.

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