Second High Level County Executive Committee in Charge of Youth Convening 2018

Second High Level County Executive Committee in Charge of Youth Convening 2018

It is imperative for all the 47 county governments to prioritize youth needs in the both short and long run to address this dire situation and enhance the growth of the counties through available opportunities such as trade and investment, agri business and infrastructure that provide an enabling environment for development.  Crucially, high youth unemployment will impede the growth and development of the county governments if it is not addressed effectively. Noteworthy, the alarming rates of crime, insecurity, drug abuse and alcohol abuse among other social ills are a direct consequence of youth unemployment.

In 2014, The Youth Agenda in partnership with the Ministry of Devolution convened the first High Level County Youth Executives meeting with the aim of mainstreaming national & county governments efforts on youth following the establishment of the devolved governments.

Youth Agenda in partnership with the Council of Governor will convene the second High Level Counties Executives Committee Members in Charge of Youth meeting. This approach has been informed by the need to focus on youth issues with a bottom up approach.



The 2nd High Level Meeting will be guided by the theme: Charting The Path: Reaping The Youth Dividend. The meeting hopes to achieve two objectives:

Creating a platform for learning and adopting best practices and policy direction for youth county programming for the period 2017-2022.

To form an inter-county youth executive committee that promotes and synergizes efficient and effective implementation of youth sector programs that in turns inform intergovernmental policy interventions .


The meeting was on 12th-14thMarch 2018 at Nyali Beach Hotel

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