Call For Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services

Call For Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services

Date of Issue: 17th November 2017

Making the Youth Factor Count:

Mapping Uptake of Appointive Spaces by Special Interest Groups at the County and National Level after 2017 Elections.

Are you passionate about helping special interest group’s especially young people achieve their full potential? Are you well-versed with the devolution system and the role we each play at the national and county governments? Are you motivated by the opportunity to provide service to others? Are you an experienced consultant?

We are looking for YOU.

Who We Are

Youth Agenda is a non- governmental organization that strives to make the youth factor count by linking, influencing and enhancing youth access to economic, social & political opportunities; the result of this as we envision it is a just , inclusive and progressive society.

Who You Are

We seek to engage a consultant that is well acquainted with the workings of devolution, the roles and mandates found within the county structures and a good perspective of the role that is played by the national government and the opportunities that can be found therein.

You also must

  • Possess a post-graduate qualifications in law, political science or any other social science field;
  • Have demonstrated knowledge of the governance sector and political processes in Kenya;
  • Experienced in data collection and interpretation
  • Have experience in engaging with county government;
  • Demonstrated high level of professionalism and an ability to work independently and in high-pressure situations under tight deadlines;

 The Consultancy

The Mapping out spaces taken up by Special Interest Groups consultancy is in line with our goal of promoting responsive and accountable governments to youth agendas. The content of the report will provide sound evidence for advocacy by Youth Agenda and other key stakeholders to ensure special interest groups are effectively able to participate in and engage with governance processes with a view of holding the government accountable in meeting its end of the social contract. Supported by UNWOMEN under the Strengthening Electoral Processes Kenya (SEPK) the aim of this consultancy is to ensure that young people as well as other special interest groups are included in the opportunities afforded by the county and national government particularly decision making roles.

Objectives and Scope of Assignment

To determine the uptake of spaces of leadership by special interest groups at national and county level through appointments after the 2017 General Election. This will serve as a baseline for monitoring the level special interest group inclusion in leadership.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Consultant is expected to:

  • Prepare and submit to Youth Agenda an inception report
  • Prepare and share data collection methodology and tools with Youth Agenda
  • Collect data from the National and County Governments
  • Analse data and prepare a draft report for review
  • Compile the final report and submit to Youth Agenda for approval

Deliverables / Final Products Expected

  • Inception Report
  • Draft Report on uptake of spaces by Special Interest Groups
  • Final comprehensive and edited report on Uptake of  Appointive Spaces by Special Interest Groups

Duration of the Assignment

The duties under these terms of reference will commence on 1st December 2017  and should be  accomplished by 22nd December 2017. Please apply by 26th November 2017. Kindly send your application through attaching your C.V and short profile with the subject; EOI; YAA/MSFSIG ; NOV 2017.

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