Second Call For Expression of Interest: Consultancy to Provide a Status Report on the Performance of Young Women in the 2017 Electoral Process

Second Call For Expression of Interest: Consultancy to Provide a Status Report on the Performance of Young Women in the 2017 Electoral Process

The Youth Agenda (YAA) is a premier youth organization that works towards a ‘Just, Equitable and Progressive society in which young people fully enjoy social, economic and political rights and opportunities’. This vision is grounded in the belief that it is possible to realize a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life in the near future, as envisaged by Kenya’s Vision 2030. One of our core mandates is to facilitate technical and legislative support to youth and those in leadership positions, in parliament, government and devolved units.

Through the support of UN Women, the Youth Agenda is implementing a project on Evidence Gathering and Promotion of Young Women Participation in the 2017 Electoral Process that seeks to ensure the involvement, participation and representation of the young Kenyan women constituency in the upcoming general elections by providing information on the status of youth women and elections and promoting value driven youth leadership at all levels.

Youth Agenda is inviting proposals from reputable organisations and individuals to track and document the performance of young women in this year’s electoral process.

2.0 Scope of work

The main objective of the consultancy is to determine the extent to which young Kenyan women engaged in the electoral process in terms of their representation and actual participation. This assessment will collect quantitative/qualitative data and will look to assess the following issues:

On young women representation

  • The number of young women aspirants that placed themselves to vie for the various electoral seats and who were lobbying for the special interest seats.
  • The number of young women aspirants that received the nomination certificates from their political parties or were listed in the political party lists.

On youth women participation

  • Violence incidences experienced or propagated by young women in relation to the electoral  process.
  • Whether the issue of affirmative action for young women, young people with disabilities and young people from minority communities was considered in the nomination process and whether the zebra principle was applied during the preparation of the political party lists.
  • The experiences of young women aspirants that participated in the electoral process.

The consultant is thus expected to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Develop an inception report, detailing the methodology and work plan schedule to carry out the assignment;
  2. Develop a checklist/ questionnaire that shall be the basic tool in collecting data on the experiences of the young women aspirants that engaged in the electoral process in focus group discussions;
  3. Collate, analyze, synthesis and compile the information generated through the assessment and shall submit a draft report that shall include the detailed methodology, specific findings, providing key recommendations for implementation;
  1. Conduct the final editorial work on the contents of the assessment report and shall submit a final assessment report to Youth Agenda by the end of agreed contractual period.

 4.0 Expected Outputs

The consultant shall be required to submit:

  1. Inception Report detailing the evaluation design, methodology, tools, work plan and budget;
  2. Data collection tools – the checklist/ questionnaire ( qualitative data collection) assessing the experiences of young women aspirants; and
  3. Draft and final Assessment Reports.

 5.0 Qualifications

The consultant(s) should have a demonstrated evidence of conducting research or having done consultancies pertaining to the participation of any constituent of the special interest group in an electoral process.

6.0 Application requirement and timelines

Qualified companies/ individuals should provide a detailed proposal highlighting the approach, duration of the work and billing terms.

In addition to the proposal the following documentations should be attached:

  • Copies of certificate of registration/incorporation( for firms)
  • Copies of Pin Certificate
  • Name and Curriculum Vitae of the Personnel that will be involved in this assignment
  • Profile of current and past assignment related to this call for proposal
  • Three references

Applications should be sent in electronic copy via email on to Office Administrator at with the Subject –YAA Consultancy No 115/2017on or prior to 30th July 2017.

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