Youth Agenda launches youth voter mobilization campaign for Presidential and Gubernatorial Candidates.

For Questionnaires and The Press Release the Links are Provided Below:

Presidential Questionnaire

Download Questionnaire

Gubernatorial Questionnaire

Download Questionnaire

Voter Mobilization Press Release

Download Press Release

Immediately after the Mass Voter Registration, Youth Agenda sought to establish the cause of the alarming youth voter apathy especially in urban areas and whose findings pointed to a lack of faith in leadership citing a cosmetic approach to addressing youth agendas among other things. Driven by the need to build trust among Kenya Youth ( 18-30 years), mobilise Kenyans to participate in this electoral process, to recruit the best amongst ourselves to lead this country and ensure the agenda of young people is an agenda of all those who are elected into leadership,

Youth Agenda’s agenda in 2017 is to make the youth factor count. Our strategy includes

  • Development & the popularization of the youth questions to Presidential and Gubernatorial Candidates
  • Facilitating and supporting youth engagement in the promotion of accountable & responsive leadership to youth agendas at the National and County Level
  • Creating platforms for youth participation in 47 Counties and on Social Media of vetting leaders using the youth voters guide which is a compilation of candidates responses

Press video and Gallery During Launch of questionnaire for presidential and gubernatorial candidates.

Press Release News Audio After Youth Agenda launches youth voter mobilization campaign and questionnaire.

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