Abraham Lincoln described democracy as “a government of the people, by the people and for the people.” We live in a world where information around us is published every second. As the youth we have no reason not to vote. We have been crying foul for too long, citing the fact that issues that matter most to us are not dealt with. Well, be that as it may, who do we really think will champion our issues if not us the youth? If we, as the young people who make up 60 % of the population do not actually leverage on this platform that we now have to exercise our democratic right, who do we have to blame?


  1. According to the constitution, youth is described as persons under the age of 18-35 years. If you are between this age bracket and you’ve never cast a vote on the ballot box, now is your chance. Voting gives you power to make choices. As a young person you decide on what you want and don’t want; thereby letting your voice be heard. This means that you are in charge and active on the issues that are happening in the country.
  2. Voting as a young person enables you to shape your future. You do realize that most individuals of above 35 years do not or say; may not understand issues affecting the youth at a particular time, as the needs of the youth are dynamic and keep on changing from one generation to another. Therefore, if you want your issues to be rectified go out and vote for someone who speaks your language in terms of issues.
  3. It’s so irritating and annoying to see young people who did not exercise their democratic right to vote complain about the current issues affecting them. This being unemployment, education, radicalization, among others. Here is the brutal truth about the issue: “You lose your right to complain, when you do not cast your ballot” period.
  4. I have heard young people talk about policy reform and change in areas affecting them. The question is, why sit idle and let the veterans or individuals above 35 make political decisions for you? You need to be the change that you can see and change starts with you as a young reformer.
  5. Do you realize as highlighted above that we make 60% of the population in this country? Why on earth don’t we use these numbers to our advantage and elect someone who actually not only creates emotional value but also understands our issues. Clearly if we do not utilize this time, then for the next five years we will be lamenting on a “missed opportunity.”

  • Kenya Science Campus
    Posted at 14:55h, 15 June Reply

    You have cracked the secret of the matter. 60% of the population of a nation is not a power to joke with.

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