Lessons Learnt From the Political Party Primaries 2017

Lessons Learnt From the Political Party Primaries 2017

Pandemonium, mayhem, confusion, chaos; can only describe the inception of the just concluded party primaries. The Jubilee party primaries began with great expectations but slowed down on the delivery. They ended on a high note though. The ballot boxes and papers were supposed to be in place plus, the aspirants and agents were supposed to be present on the day of the ballot casting at exactly 5 am. That was not exactly replicated on the ground. This time around, the youth at large came out to exercise their democratic right by axing individuals who were not speaking their language. Nandi County is one such example of which a Young Gubernatorial nominee Stephen Sang clutched the ticket.

As youth, what are the lessons learn’t from these primaries?

  1. As Kenyans, we must learn to contest and lose. This will only happen when elections are transparent, free and fair.
  2. Internal party democracy is absolutely critical. Political parties should not front or advocate for their own choices, let the people have their say.
  3. Clearly, devolution has proven to be a good thing. The party primaries are known to have low voter turnout. Not this time around people! The voter turnout this year was nothing but impressive across 2/3rd of the 47 counties.
  4. It was impressive to see young, vibrant and passionate youth coming out to vie as political candidates. There communication and branding technique on social media platforms, billboards was completely different and off the hook! Kudos to you guys , this shows that we are tired of the current political class and we hunger for change, change will begin with us taking the bull by the horns!

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