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About Us

What Youth Agenda is all About.

What We Do

What We Do

  • Institution Development and Governance.
  • Knowledge Generation and Management
  • Social and Economic Rights.
  • Leadership and Governance.

YAA's Mission

YAA's Mission

To provide a platform to harness and nurture young people through informed, innovative and value driven approaches for personal, community and national development
The Youth Agenda (YAA)

The Youth Agenda (YAA)

A premier youth organization that works towards a “Just, Equitable and Progressive society in which young people fully enjoy social, economic and political rights and opportunities”

Our Role

Who We Are

Youth Agenda is a youth led, youth serving organization founded in 1996, sparked by evidence exclusion of youth in spheres of life and fueled by a passion for the ‘total’ youth.

Why We Operate

  1. To promote responsive and accountable governments and private sectors to youth agendas
  2. To generate and share youth related information
  3. To hook up youth to social and economic opportunities

How We Do It

  1. Conduct social audit as a social accountability mechanism that enable us identify gaps between desired and actual impact of youth development projects.
  2. Facilitate youth, national, county government & private sector engagements on participatory development of youth policies, plans, budgets
  3. We generate and disseminate youth focused information
  4. Provide youth employment and entrepreneurship support system
  5. Create youth learning & mentorship platforms

By providing a platform to harness and nurture young people’s personal, community and national development through informed, innovative and value driven approaches since 1996, We have nurtured youth consciousness towards fostering positive change, good governance and value driven leadership across the republic and has registered numerous victories for young people.

With a few months to the 2017 General Election, initiative dubbed #VoteADada to bridge the gender equality gap in the Kenya’s political leadership. We were saddened by the fact that in the 2013 general election, no woman was elected as governor or senator; 16 out of 290 women were elected into National Assembly and only 76 out of 1050 elected as members of the county assembly.

 Youth Agenda successfully developed the Youth Voters Guide and distributed it to all the 47 counties. The Overall objective  is to enhance the understanding amongst Kenyan youth on the electoral process and the practice of vetting leaders through the youth voters guide. County youth hangouts which were held before elections in a bid to rally the youth to vet their leaders and make informed choices.


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Youth Agenda shares its stories and achievements

Youth Agenda has, to its credit, an increased youth consciousness through participation in critical governance processes, enhanced visibility of young people occupying leadership positions in various sectors and the proliferation of youth led organizations aimed at making a difference. The Youth Agenda shares its achievements since taking up the responsibility  to redefine the role and contribution of the Kenyan youth in the governance and development processes in the country.

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